How does it work?

We invite active students with an interest in the society and a will to make the world a better place, to apply for DD Academy. We admire acting according to ones values, and accepting the responsibility that comes with it. During the program there will be a number of discussions and team work tasks, therefore an ability to think on idea level and acceptance of differences is necessary. On a practical note, the program consists of 12 weekends in Tartu or Riga, of which the candidate is expected to be able to take part.

The process

After receiving the applications we will invite all applicants to a group interview in September. By October 7 the participants will be selected and the program starts.

Fill the application form

Deadline: September 25

Attend a group interview

September - October

Final decisions are made

Deadline: October 7

The terms


The program is free for the participants, if the program is fully taken part in. The actual cost per participant is over 500€, which is covered by the DD Foundation with the help of donations, supporters and income from DD StratLab.

100% commited

In this program, you need to fully commit - do all the tasks and take part of everything. It is not possible participate in parts of the program. Most our participants attend university and some of our participants have managed to also work part-time during the program as well.


We expect that after the program you will actually start solving the worlds problems and carry on doing the things that you started during the program. Our biggest goal is that our alumni really start changing the world. We expect that of you, too.


Filling out the application will take about 20 minutes. We suggest you take a bit more time to really think your answers through. It might also be reasonable to first write down your answers in a separate file during the course of several days, and then come back to the form. The application form is the most important part of the evaluation process for us.