Questions & Answers

If we missed anything important, please don’t hesitate to ask from us directly.

Only fully vaccinated people can take part of the program. Hopefully this means that we can have the program weekends in a physical room. If not, we do have the experience of delivering the program via Internet, but this will hopefully no longer be neccessary.

If you want to have a meaningful positive impact on the world, but don’t know how to do that, then DD Academy is where you’ll find that. Plus all the friends and skills that you can use in any area of life you want to.

It’s free. But we don’t provide lunch and encourage participants to take a prepared meal with them.

It’s 12 weekends every other week (from October to May). Plus work online and in groups. We estimate it takes around 400 hours do go through the whole program.

If you’re interested, then you are probably already the right person for us. Your motivation to change the world is the main criteria for us. But generally, if you’re 18-28, attend (or have attended) a university and the dates of the 12 weekends (these are listed in the application form) are suitable for you, you should apply.

No, students of any university are eligible for our programs. You just have to be a student and need to be able to attend our sessions in Tartu or Riga.

You have to be able to attend all the weekends. It’s understandable that people sometimes do fall ill and so if you are forced to miss up to two weekends, you can still finish the program. But more than two missed weekends means discontinuing the program.

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In case of any questions about the program, be sure to check the FAQ section and if no answer is found, contact us directly.